ABMSIM Accounting


Balance Sheet (Stocks):Stocks of assets have a plus sign.
 Stocks of liabilities have a minus sign.
Transactions Matrix (Flows):All sources of funds appear with a plus sign - these are the incoming flows of money.
 All uses of funds appear with a minus sign.
Balance Sheet
Money Stock+H0-H0


Transactions Matrix
1Consumption-£20-Cd£20+Cs  £0"Kaleckian quantity adjustment"
2Govt. Expenditures  £20+Gs-£20-Gd£0approach to market clearing.
3[OUTPUT]   [Y]  £0 
4Factor Income (Wages)£20+W・Ns-£20-W・Nd  £0 
5Taxes-£20-Ts  £20+Td£0 
  -£20-ΔHh£20 £0+ΔHs£0ΔHh = ΔHs


Transactions Accounting
 Consumer Household AgentProducer Household AgentGovernment AgentSum 
1Consumption £20£20   £0 
2Govt. Expenditures  £20  £20£0 
3Factor Income (Wages)£20  £20  £0 
4Taxes £20  £20 £0 
 Equity (Stock)-£20£20£0£0ΔHh = ΔHs

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