ABMSIM: A Government Monetary Model

Agent-Based Model Simple (ABMSIM) is an adaptation of G&L's first sectoral flow government, non-government monetary system.

Policy variables are government expenditure (a stimulus quantity) and a government mandated taxation rate (a percentage). Changes in both expenditure and taxation determine the quantity of money (net financial assets) that flow towards or away from the non-government sector. This is the government sector fiscal balance, either in surplus (a money flow away from the non-government sector), or more typically, in deficit (a money flow toward the non-government sector).

The model and therefore the economy is defined by key policy variables and the behaviour of agents.

Test Output

Steady State System

  • Visit the shareable Hugging Face space, abmsim-test , to view the test output of agent-based model simple. The space may be asleep. Please allow time for it to wake.

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